Rapid Medical is committed to responding positively and quickly to all complaints and enquiries. The purpose of this Policy is to provide information and guidance on how to make a complaint or enquiry to Rapid Medical; and set out how Rapid Medical will deal with this complaint or enquiry.

This complaint handling process applies to claimants, insurance defendants, solicitors, and medical experts.


1. Rapid Medical understands that a complaint is understood from the matter and the subjects of the communication in mist the cases.
2. Complaint will be referred as a clear expression of dissatisfaction, received via telephone (verbal) or in writing (email, letter) or suggest objection and criticism about the performance in relation to operational process for example.
Amendment process handling of the expert in relation to the matter and contents of the report where as an enquiry may be an act of asking questions(s) to gain information.
3. Where there is doubt Rapid Medical Services will treat it as complain which may have received verbally or in writing.
4. Rapid Medical Services has a complaint officer to support timely and efficient handling of complaints.
5. Rapid is consistent with the principle specified in:
Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Principles of Good Complaints Handling (https://www.ombudsman.org.uk/about-us/our-principles/principles-good-complaint-handling); and
British and Irish Ombudsman Association’s “Guide to Principles of Good Complaint Handling” (http://www.ombudsmanassociation.org/docs/BIOAGoodComplaintHandling.pdf);

6. Rapid Medical’s complaint procedure is published on the website of Rapid Medical Services which includes the compilation of statistics of the MROs performance and the root cause to rectify systemic issue and services we provide.
7. Rapid Medical Services will keep evidence of complaints received how these complains have been dealt and what was the outcome of that particular complain which will be then documented and retain for audit trails.
8. Rapid has its own complaint process and remains compliant with QC instrumental in delivering company policies and remain compliant with Medco criteria.
Rapid Medical has appointed Dr Ashraf Chohan as its Complaints Officer.
His contact details:

Address: 6 Bendall Mews, Marylebone, London, NW1 6SN
Office: 0207 616 0662


Enquiries can be made by contacting any member of our staff via email to info@rapid-medical.co.uk or by calling 0207 616 0662. We will endeavor to respond to your enquiry immediately, but in any event no later than within 1 business day.
1. Complaints should be made to the Compliance Officer (listed in the method below) in writing via email or by post.
2. The Compliance Officer will have 20 business days within which to acknowledge receipt of your complaint, log the complaint, and investigate the matter and to provide a written response.
3. At the time of logging the complaint onto the system, the following fields must be obtained.
• Medco reference,
• Source of complainant,
• Date and time of complaint,
• Mature of complaint,
• Format of response business days taken from date of complaint to final resolution and explanations of anomalies if applicable will be filled in by the Manager.
• Rapid medical ensures 90% or more of complaints to be dealt within 20 business days to meet Medco requirements.


a. .Rapid Medical Services ensures that claimants receive their reports on a timely basis.
b. Rapid Medical Services ensures that claimants are treated fairly and appropriately.
c. Rapid Medical Services perform their quality assurance role effectively over medical experts and claimants to receive a fair and accurate report.
d. Rapid Medical adequately protects claimants’ sensitive personal data.
We Rapid Medical ensure that areas of deficiency are addressed promptly for Medco compliance.