Rapid Medical specialises in the provision of medico-legal evidence to be relied upon in all forms of legal proceedings, including but not limited toclaims for injuries sustained at work, illness on holiday and medical negligence.

Please send your instruction and any corresponding background case information to Our specialist team will consult with you to agree the most appropriate course of action, including nomination of a suitable expert, the scope of work and timeframes.

Commercial terms for all such work is agreed on a case by case basis. Our team will provide you with a competitive quote upon receipt of your instruction.



In accordance with the Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents, the first medical report for an occupant of a motor vehicle involved in a road traffic accident and suffering from soft-tissue personal injury must be obtained through the MedCo portal. ​

We are MedCo accredited and you can instruct us to prepare a medical report by selecting Rapid Medical Services (UK) Ltd on theMedCo portal. When you select us, please send a corresponding letter of instruction via email to the following information:

  • MedCo reference number
  • Ahether nominations of medical experts are required
  • Any medical records that require to be reviewed. Alternatively,please send the medical records to us by post at 6 Bendall Mews, Marylebone London. NW1 6SN.

If you intend to instruct us via the MedCo portal on a regular basis, please contact our Client Care team or 0207 616 0660 in order to discuss commercial terms.

Note that there is no requirement to use the MedCoportal after the first medical report, or for non-motor vehicle related accidents, such as cycle or slip and trip. In such instances, please email your instructions directly to