Rapid Medical Services’s Guide to Medco

The Medco Portal

MedCo Registrations Solutions was established by the latest round of changes to the procedures for soft tissue injury claims brought under the Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents (RTA Protocol). MedCo Registration Solutions has set up a portal (the MedCo Portal) to be used by solicitors to source providers of medical evidence in soft tissue injury claims under the RTA Protocol.

When do I use MedCo?

From 6 April 2015 the first medical report must be a fixed cost medical report sourced through the MedCo Portal for all claims fulfilling the following criteria:

  • The claim is a soft tissue injury claim as defined in the RTA Protocol
  • The claim is submitted via a CNF on to the Claims Portal after 6 April 2015
  • The claimant is the occupant of a motor vehicle (not a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist)

You do not need to use the MedCo Portal for second or subsequent reports, or for claims outside these criteria e.g. cycle accidents, non-motor accidents.

What options does MedCo offer?

The MedCo Portal will give you the following options:

  • First, you must choose either to select a medical reporting organisation (MRO) or to select a medical expert directly.
  • For unrepresented claimants sourcing medical reports via the NEW OIC service from 31st May 2021, the offer will be ; TWO x Tier 1 Medical reporting organisations and TWO Tier 2 Medical Reporting organisations or FIVE direct medical experts.
  • The offer for claimant representatives and compensators sourcing medical evidence via MedCo is set at TWO Tier 1 Medical Reporting Organisations and FIVE Tier 2 Medical Reporting Organisations or SEVEN Direct Medical Experts.

Is Rapid Medical Services on MedCo?

Rapid Medical Services is a MedCo approved MRO, and a ISO 9001 accredited company which means we put quality and service at the heart of everything we do.

  • Strict service level agreements mean that we always provide an efficient turnaround on all MedCo cases.
  • All reports are thoroughly checked to ensure that they meet Civil Procedure Rules compliance requirements.
  • We have a panel of fully vetted medical experts covering nationwide
  • Dedicated team working solely on MedCo cases

Choosing Rapid Medical Services

By choosing Rapid Medical Services you are in safe hands.

What Rapid Medical Services offers you :

  • Thousands of appointments available every week
  • Quality and fast turnaround times
  • Process focused on assisting the claimant Journey
  • Independence – we have no financial links to outside organisations
  • Highest standards of data protection and disaster recovery, meaning your clients’ most confidential information is in the safest hands.
  • Highly trained team of professionals have a wealth of experience
  • We are also regularly audited by the relevant bodies, such as MedCo, to ensure we meet strict criteria and service standards